left coset

left coset
<math.> класс смежный левосторонний

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  • left coset — noun A left coset of a subgroup is a copy of that subgroup, multiplied on the left by some element from the parent group …   Wiktionary

  • Coset — In mathematics, if G is a group, and H is a subgroup of G, and g is an element of G, then gH = {gh : h an element of H } is a left coset of H in G, and Hg = {hg : h an element of H } is a right coset of H in G. Only when H is normal… …   Wikipedia

  • coset — noun Date: 1910 a subset of a mathematical group that consists of all the products obtained by multiplying either on the right or the left a fixed element of the group by each of the elements of a given subgroup …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • coset — /koh set/, n. Math. a subset of a group, formed by the consistent operation of a given element of the group on the left or right of all the elements of a subgroup of the group. [1925 30; CO + SET] * * * …   Universalium

  • coset — n. Math. a set composed of all the products obtained by multiplying on the right or on the left each element of a subgroup in turn by one particular element of the group containing the subgroup. Etymology: CO + SET(2) …   Useful english dictionary

  • Double coset — In mathematics, an (H,K) double coset in G, where G is a group and H and K are subgroups of G, is an equivalence class for the equivalence relation defined on G by x y if there are h in H and k in K with hxk = y. Then each double coset is of form …   Wikipedia

  • Coherent states in mathematical physics — Coherent states have been introduced in a physical context, first as quasi classical states in quantum mechanics, then as the backbone of quantum optics and they are described in that spirit in the article Coherent states (see also [1]). However …   Wikipedia

  • Quotient group — In mathematics, given a group G and a normal subgroup N of G , the quotient group, or factor group, of G over N is intuitively a group that collapses the normal subgroup N to the identity element. The quotient group is written G / N and is… …   Wikipedia

  • Klein geometry — In mathematics, a Klein geometry is a type of geometry motivated by Felix Klein in his influential Erlangen program. More specifically, it is a homogeneous space X together with a transitive action on X by a Lie group G , which acts as the… …   Wikipedia

  • Elementary group theory — In mathematics, a group is defined as a set G and a binary operation on G , called product and denoted by infix * . Product obeys the following rules (also called axioms). Let a , b , and c be arbitrary elements of G . Then: *A1, Closure. a * b… …   Wikipedia

  • Antisymmetrizer — In quantum mechanics, an antisymmetrizer mathcal{A} (also known as antisymmetrizing operator [P.A.M. Dirac, The Principles of Quantum Mechanics , 4th edition, Clarendon, Oxford UK, (1958) p. 248] ) is a linear operator that makes a wave function… …   Wikipedia

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